Pokemon Soul Silver Review: A Near Perfect Recreation

Pokemon Soul Silver Review

Pokemon Soul Silver is a classic Nintendo DS game that offers a nostalgic adventure for those who have played the original Pokemon Silver game. This review will take an in-depth look at the game’s features and why it’s worth playing. Developed by Game Freak, it features updated graphics, improved sound, and new gameplay mechanics.

One of the reasons why Pokemon Soul Silver stands out from its predecessor Pokemon Red/Blue Kanto, is the vast selection of Pokemon available to catch and train. With the inclusion of the Johto region, Soul Silver offers a total of 493 different Pokemon to capture, each with its unique set of abilities and attributes.

This allows players to create a diverse and balanced team that is tailored to their playstyle. Furthermore, Soul Silver includes Pokemon from both the Johto and Kanto regions, meaning players can catch and train beloved Pokemon from both games. This added variety adds depth and excitement to the game, making the process of capturing and training Pokemon more enjoyable than ever before.


The gameplay in Pokemon Soul Silver is a masterclass in game design, offering a perfect balance of accessibility and depth. Players embark on an epic journey through the Johto region, battling and capturing Pokemon along the way. Battles are turn-based and require strategic thinking to overcome opponents. The game’s leveling system allows players to train and evolve their Pokemon, increasing their stats and unlocking new abilities. Additionally, the game includes a variety of features, such as the ability to customize and decorate a secret base, that add to the overall experience. The game’s user interface is intuitive and easy to navigate, allowing players to focus on the game’s core mechanics without getting bogged down in menus and submenus. Overall, the gameplay in Pokemon Soul Silver is engaging, rewarding, and, most importantly, fun.

Another notable aspect of the gameplay in Pokemon Soul Silver is the inclusion of various mini-games and side quests. These activities provide players with a break from the main story and offer unique challenges and rewards. For example, the Pokeathlon features various sporting events that test the player’s Pokemon’s speed, strength, and agility. Winning events in the Pokeathlon rewards players with valuable items and medals that can be used to unlock new challenges. Additionally, the game includes a variety of side quests, such as the ability to track down and capture legendary Pokemon like Ho-Oh and Lugia. These side quests offer a rewarding challenge for players who have already completed the main story and are looking for something new to tackle.

The game’s multiplayer features also add to the overall experience, allowing players to battle and trade with others over a wireless connection. This adds a social element to the game, as players can team up with friends to take on challenging battles or trade Pokemon to complete their collections. The game also includes the ability to battle and trade online, allowing players to connect with others from around the world. Overall, the multiplayer features in Pokemon Soul Silver add another layer of depth and replayability to the game, making it a great choice for both solo and social play.

Gym Battles

Gym battles are a staple of the Pokemon series, and Pokemon Soul Silver is no exception. In the game, players must defeat eight gym leaders, each with their unique type specialty, to progress through the main story. Gym battles are some of the most challenging and rewarding battles in the game, as players must use strategy and skill to overcome the gym leader’s powerful Pokemon.

Each gym leader has a unique battle style and a team of Pokemon that pose different challenges for the player to overcome. Defeating a gym leader rewards players with a badge, which not only signifies their progress through the game but also grants them special abilities and access to new areas.

The gym battles in Pokemon Soul Silver are some of the most memorable and exciting battles in the game, providing a satisfying challenge for players who are looking to test their skills as a Pokemon trainer.

Gym LeaderTypeDesign Rating (out of 10)

Graphics and Sound:

One of the most noticeable improvements from the original game is the updated graphics. The game now features 3D models for Pokemon and trainers, which adds more depth and detail to the game’s visuals. The sound quality has also been improved, with new tracks and updated sound effects that enhance the overall gameplay experience.

Exploring the Johto Region:

One of the best parts of Pokemon Soul Silver is the ability to explore the Johto region. This region features a variety of different environments, including forests, mountains, and cities. Each location has its unique Pokemon to discover, adding to the game’s replay value.

Additionally, the game includes many features that help players bond with their Pokemon. One such feature is the ability to have a Pokemon follow the player character around on the overworld map. This not only allows for a greater sense of immersion in the game world but also allows players to develop a deeper connection with their Pokemon. Furthermore, the game includes the Pokeathlon, a series of minigames that players can participate in with their Pokemon. These games are not only a fun way to spend time with one’s Pokemon but also help to increase their stats and abilities.

Johto ZoneDifficultyFun
New Bark TownEasyModerate
Route 29EasyHigh
Cherrygrove CityEasyHigh
Route 30EasyHigh
Violet CityModerateHigh
Sprout TowerModerateHigh
Route 31ModerateHigh
Dark CaveModerateHigh
Ruins of AlphModerateHigh
Union CaveModerateHigh
Slowpoke WellModerateHigh
Azalea TownModerateHigh
Ilex ForestModerateHigh
Route 34ModerateHigh
Goldenrod CityHardHigh
Radio TowerHardHigh
National ParkModerateHigh
Route 35ModerateHigh
Route 36ModerateHigh
Route 37ModerateHigh
Ecruteak CityModerateHigh
Burned TowerModerateHigh
Tin TowerModerateHigh
Route 38ModerateHigh
Route 39ModerateHigh
Olivine CityModerateHigh
Route 40ModerateHigh
Whirl IslandsModerateHigh
Cianwood CityModerateHigh
Safari ZoneModerateHigh
Route 41ModerateHigh
Olivine GymModerateHigh
Route 42ModerateHigh
Mt. MortarHardModerate
Mahogany TownHardHigh
Rocket HideoutHardHigh
Lake of RageModerateHigh
Route 43ModerateHigh
Route 44ModerateHigh
Ice PathHardModerate
Blackthorn CityHardHigh
Dragon’s DenHardHigh
Victory RoadHardModerate
Indigo PlateauHardHigh


One of the most exciting features of Pokemon Soul Silver is the PokeWalker accessory. This device allows players to transfer their Pokemon to a small pedometer that tracks their steps. By walking, players can train their Pokemon and earn rewards, including rare items and Pokemon.

The Pokewalker is a small device that was released alongside the Pokemon HeartGold and SoulSilver games for the Nintendo DS. It is designed to be a pedometer that allows players to take their Pokemon with them wherever they go. The device is about the size of a pager and has a small screen that displays various information, such as the number of steps taken and the current level of the player’s Pokemon.


To use the Pokewalker, players must first transfer a Pokemon from their game to the device. This is done using the infrared port on the Nintendo DS. Once the Pokemon has been transferred, players can clip the device onto their belt or carry it in their pocket as they walk around. The device tracks the number of steps taken, which can then be used to power up the player’s Pokemon and earn rewards.

Each step taken on the Pokewalker earns the player “Watts,” which can be used to activate various features on the device. For example, players can use Watts to search for items or rare Pokemon in special “routes” that are unlocked as they progress through the game. Additionally, players can use Watts to play mini-games on the device, such as a game where they must guide their Pokemon through a maze to collect berries.

One of the unique features of the Pokewalker is that it allows players to raise and train their Pokemon even when they are not playing the game itself. The device can be used to level up the player’s Pokemon, increase their friendship level, and even evolve them in some cases. This means that players can use the Pokewalker to progress through the game even when they don’t have access to their Nintendo DS.

Catching Legendary Pokemon

Catching legendary Pokemon is one of the most exciting parts of playing Pokemon Soul Silver. Throughout the game, players will have the opportunity to catch several legendary Pokemon, including Lugia and Ho-Oh. These Pokemon require a bit of strategy and patience to catch, as they are powerful and elusive. However, once caught, they can become valuable members of the player’s team, with unique abilities and moves that can turn the tide of a battle. Overall, catching legendary Pokemon is a challenging but rewarding experience that adds to the game’s sense of adventure and accomplishment.

In addition to Lugia and Ho-Oh, players can also encounter and catch the legendary dogs, Suicune, Entei, and Raikou, adding even more excitement and challenge to the game.

Expanded Post-Game:

After completing the main story, the game offers an expanded post-game, which includes new challenges and opportunities for players to continue their adventure. This includes the ability to battle against gym leaders from previous Pokemon games and to obtain rare Pokemon that were not available during the main story.

Additionally, the game includes the Battle Frontier, a challenging post-game feature where players can test their skills against a variety of different trainers and battle facilities. The Battle Frontier includes seven different facilities, each with their unique rules and challenges. Players must defeat each facility’s leader to earn Battle Points, which can be used to purchase rare items and equipment. The Battle Frontier provides a satisfying challenge for players who have already completed the main story and are looking for something new to sink their teeth into.


Overall, Pokemon Soul Silver is a fantastic game that offers both nostalgia and new exciting features. The updated graphics and sound quality enhance the overall gameplay experience, while the ability to explore the Johto region and train Pokemon with the PokeWalker add to the game’s replay value. The expanded post-game also offers new challenges and opportunities for players to continue their adventure. With all these great features, it’s no wonder why Pokemon Soul Silver is still a beloved classic among Pokemon fans. I give it an 8.5 out of 10.

Pokemon Soul Silver: Experience a nostalgic adventure with Pokemon Soul Silver, an updated version of the classic game with improved graphics, new gameplay mechanics, and exciting features like the PokeWalker. Catch legendary Pokemon, explore the Johto region, and battle against gym leaders in the expanded post-game. Read our in-depth review and discover why Pokemon Soul Silver is a beloved classic among Pokemon fans Allen

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