Pokemon GO: Events and Schedule (August 2023)

Pokemon Go August Events

August 2023 is set to be an exhilarating month for Pokemon GO enthusiasts, offering a series of captivating events that will keep players on their toes. From the much-anticipated Pokemon GO Fest to the prestigious World Championships, this month promises a plethora of gaming delights!

Mark your calendars and get ready to embark on an adventure with these exciting Pokemon GO events taking place in August 2023:

EventStart TimeEnd Time
Pokemon GO Fest: London & Osaka9 AM August 47 PM August 6
Glittering Garden10 AM August 58 PM August 8
2023 World Championships10 AM August 118 PM August 15
Community Day2 PM August 135 PM August 13
Pokemon GO Fest: New York9 AM August 187 PM August 6
Noxious Swamp10 AM August 188 PM August 20
Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global10 AM August 266 PM August 27

Pokemon GO Fest: London & Osaka

Kicking off the month’s festivities is the highly-awaited Pokemon GO Fest in both London and Osaka. Starting on August 4th at 9 AM local time and concluding on August 6th at 7 PM, trainers will find themselves immersed in a thrilling experience like never before.

Glittering Garden

On August 5th, at 10 AM local time, the enchanting Glittering Garden event begins. Trainers will have until August 8th, 8 PM, to explore this magical garden filled with rare and vibrant Pokemon species.

2023 World Championships

As the competition heats up, the 2023 World Championships will commence on August 11th at 10 AM local time and run until August 15th, 8 PM. Witness elite trainers from around the globe battle it out for glory and prestigious titles.

Community Day

August 13th brings Community Day, starting at 2 PM and concluding at 5 PM local time. During this event, trainers can enjoy exclusive bonuses and increased chances of encountering special Pokemon.

Pokemon GO Fest: New York

The fun doesn’t stop as the Pokemon GO Fest comes to New York on August 18th at 9 AM local time, lasting until August 20th, 7 PM. Prepare for another action-packed adventure in the bustling city.

Noxious Swamp

Coinciding with the New York Fest, Noxious Swamp event begins on August 18th at 10 AM and ends on August 20th, 8 PM. Venture into the mysterious swamp and encounter unusual Pokemon lurking within.

Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global

The grand finale of the month arrives with Pokemon GO Fest 2023: Global on August 26th at 10 AM. The event will conclude on August 27th at 6 PM, bringing trainers from around the world together for a celebration of all things Pokemon.

Embrace the excitement and challenges that August 2023 has in store for Pokemon GO players. Whether you’re attending one of the prestigious events or simply enjoying the Community Day bonuses, this month guarantees thrilling experiences and unforgettable moments. So, prepare your poke balls, charge your devices, and get ready to catch ’em all!

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