PlayStation Makes History with 500 Million Consoles Sold

PlayStation Makes History with 500 Million Consoles Sold

Sony Interactive Entertainment’s PlayStation console brand has reached a historic milestone, becoming the first console maker to sell 500 million consoles. The company revealed that the PS5 has shipped over 38.4 million units, which is a record for the fourth quarter shipment of any console. The console maker’s initial estimate was 5.2 million units, which they increased to 6.2 million units, and still surpassed.

In addition to its successful console sales, Sony Interactive Entertainment has also made strides in the virtual reality space with its PlayStation VR headset. The company has sold over 5 million units of the headset, which allows users to experience immersive gaming and entertainment.

Sony has also expanded its gaming offerings to include a subscription service called PlayStation Now, which allows users to stream games from a library of over 800 titles.

With these impressive achievements and continued innovation in the gaming industry, Sony Interactive Entertainment is poised to maintain its position as a leading player in the console and gaming space for years to come.

Breaking Down PlayStation Console Sales

It is worth noting that the above figure does not include PSP or PS Vita sales, and is purely based on numbered console releases. The lifetime sales of each PlayStation console are as follows:

ConsoleUnits Sold
PS1102.5 million
PS2155 million
PS387.4 million
PS4117 million
PS538.4 million

The total of these numbers is around 500.5 million PlayStation consoles, a milestone no other console maker has yet to achieve.

PS5 Production Improves

According to Hiroki Totoki, Sony Group Corporation’s Executive Deputy President, CFO, Representative Corporate Executive Officer, and Director of the Board, PS5 production has picked up pace since Q2 2022. Totoki stated that the company had sufficient manufacturing capacity and that the post-pandemic Shanghai lockdown situation had been resolved. Additionally, he revealed that the logistical lead time was still below where it was before the onset of COVID-19.

Looking Forward

The PlayStation brand has been a force to be reckoned with since its debut in 1994. Sony’s ability to continuously innovate and improve its consoles has helped the brand maintain its position as a market leader. With the recent milestone of 500 million consoles sold, it is clear that the PlayStation brand is here to stay, and fans can expect more exciting releases from Sony in the future.

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