Path of Exile Players Discuss The Future of Original POE

Path of Exile Players Discuss The Future of Original POE

Path of Exile, developed by Grinding Gear Games (GGG), has captivated players worldwide with its deep gameplay mechanics and ever-expanding content. With the highly anticipated announcement of Path of Exile 2, the community eagerly awaited updates and exciting features coming to the original Path of Exile (POE 1).

However, as discussions unfolded on Reddit, concerns about the future of POE 1 began to emerge. In this article, we delve into the Reddit thread titled “Path of Exile Players Discuss The Future of Original POE” to explore player sentiments and expectations regarding POE 1 and its potential updates in light of the separate POE 2 development.

A Call for Clarity: The Need for a Developer Manifesto

Many players expressed their desire for GGG to provide a clear and comprehensive developer manifesto outlining the future of POE 1. The absence of such a roadmap has left players uncertain about what to expect post-POE 2 announcement. Redditor u/Stukya called for a 4.0 update for POE 1, seeking assurance that the original game would continue to receive significant updates even with the advent of POE 2.

POE 1 Updates: What’s on the Horizon?

Redditor u/Sjeg84 echoed the sentiment, expressing curiosity about the possibility of a 4.0 update and whether the endgame story would advance. Additionally, the whereabouts of Zana, a prominent character in the game, sparked intrigue as players wondered about her role in the evolving narrative.

Integrating POE 2 Improvements into POE 1

As POE 2 became a separate entity with its own development focus, players pondered whether improvements planned for POE 2 would find their way into POE 1. Redditor tonightm88 hoped that much-needed fixes and updates intended for POE2 would be brought forward to POE 1, reducing the wait time for these improvements. The prospect of addressing balance changes and ascendancy updates also raised questions about the potential impact on the original game.

The Power of Words: “Expansion and Leagues”

Redditor u/slimeyellow highlighted an essential statement made by Chris Wilson, the founder of GGG, during Exilecan. Wilson emphasized that POE would receive both “expansion and leagues.” This deliberate choice of words indicated that POE 1 would continue to receive regular content updates, including expansions and challenging league mechanics.

Communication and Strategy: Vagueness vs. Transparency

Redditor u/tankhwarrior speculated that GGG might be cautious in revealing detailed plans for POE 1, as they don’t want to overshadow the excitement surrounding POE 2. By being too specific about long-term updates, they risk dampening players’ enthusiasm for the new game. Thus, GGG’s strategy may involve maintaining a level of vagueness to ensure both POE 1 and POE 2 receive the attention they deserve.

Patience and Anticipation

Redditor surle offered a word of advice to fellow players: to remain patient and give GGG time to formulate a comprehensive plan for POE 1. Expecting an immediate manifesto might indicate rushed decisions or unfinished decisions. Instead, the community should look forward to the next update (3.22) before anticipating a detailed roadmap for the future of POE 1.

Key Takeaways

  1. The POE community desires clarity and a developer manifesto outlining the future of POE 1 in light of the separate development of POE 2.
  2. Players seek updates on the advancement of the endgame story and the inclusion of prominent characters like Zana in POE 1.
  3. There are hopes for POE 2 improvements to be integrated into POE 1, especially with regard to balance changes and ascendancy updates.
  4. The deliberate use of the words “expansion and leagues” by Chris Wilson assures players that POE 1 will continue to receive regular content updates.
  5. GGG may adopt a cautious approach to communication to balance the excitement for both POE 1 and POE 2.
  6. Patience is advised as the community awaits further information, with the next major update (3.22) possibly shedding more light on the future of POE 1.

As the discussions on Reddit reveal, the future of POE 1 remains a topic of considerable interest and curiosity for the passionate player base. While the exact roadmap may not be immediately available, the dedication of GGG to both POE 1 and POE 2 ensures a promising future for both iterations of this beloved action RPG.

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