Naraka Bladepoint: How to Uppercut

How to Uppercut in Naraka Bladepoint

The uppercut is a formidable technique for your characters in Naraka Bladepoint that can incapacitate your opponents and leave them vulnerable to further attacks. This maneuver can be executed in two ways, the first of which involves performing a mid-combo uppercut slash with most melee weapons. Follow the instructions below to execute this move.

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Steps – Uppercut #1 (Basic)

  1. To perform a basic attack, press the light attack button (typically the left mouse button).
  2. During the animation of your character’s basic attack, hit the heavy attack button (usually the right mouse button) to execute an uppercut.

Steps – Uppercut #2 (Powerful)

The second variation of the uppercut is a more forceful and prolonged maneuver that involves lifting your adversary into the air to administer multiple strikes or hurl them to the ground. To execute this move, follow the steps outlined below:

  1. To perform a stationary uppercut, crouch by holding down the C key and then press the right mouse button.
  2. To perform a moving uppercut, dash by holding down the Forward and Shift keys, and then press the right mouse button.

The uppercut is a valuable technique in Naraka Bladepoint that can provide numerous advantages in combat and ultimately help you win more gold. This move is particularly useful for stunning or knocking down your opponent, leaving them vulnerable to follow-up attacks or even allowing you to disengage from the fight.

Additionally, the uppercut can be incorporated into combos to deliver devastating blows to your adversary, making it an essential maneuver to master for those seeking to achieve success in combat. Its ability to lift an opponent into the air also provides a strategic advantage by disrupting their movement and allowing for positioning or team play.

Thus, mastering the uppercut technique can significantly improve your chances of winning battles in Naraka Bladepoint.


Having a solid grasp of the fundamental combat controls and combo inputs is critical for achieving success in battles while playing Naraka Bladepoint. This includes not only basic attacks like slashes and charged attacks but also strategic maneuvers like the uppercut, which can be executed as part of a combo. Understanding how to utilize these techniques effectively is essential.

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