Naraka Bladepoint: Feria Shen Guide

Feria Shen Guide

Optimal Feria Shen Build: Talent Glyphs, Skills, and Ultimate

Introducing the latest addition to Naraka Bladepoint’s roster, Feria Shen! With impressive damage output, swift mobility, and remarkable survival skills, she is a force to be reckoned with.

Feria Shen excels in trio gameplay and proves to be quite resilient thanks to her AOE damage-dealing ability via the Bronze Mech. Moreover, when mounted, the Bronze Mech boasts its own energy and health bars, shielding Feria Shen from enemy attacks.

To maximize Feria Shen’s potential in Solo and Trio modes, discover her optimal build for glyph, skills, and ultimate here.

Feria Shen

Feria Shen Best Glyphs

  • The build includes a total of 24 glyphs.
  • There are 5 glyphs of [Origin] Spirit.
  • There is 1 glyph of [Origin] Savagery.
  • There are 4 glyphs of [Lunar] Agility.
  • There are 2 glyphs of [Lunar] Enrage.
  • There are 3 glyphs of [Solar] Flight.
  • There are 3 glyphs of [Solar] Genius.
  • There are 6 glyphs of [Omni] Mind.

The Top Skills for Feria Shen

Feria Shen’s incredible skills have become the talk of the town among the gaming community. As of now, the hero has access to two skills, namely Gunplay and Scattershot. However, unlocking Scattershot requires players to reach Cultivation stage reward 1, which can be quite challenging.

Optimal Skills

When it comes to choosing the optimal skill for Feria Shen in both Solo and Trio modes, there’s no denying that Gunplay takes the cake. The skill comes in handy when players find themselves under enemy attack, enabling them to defend themselves and dodge incoming combos.


What makes Gunplay truly stand out is its unique activation mechanism. When players activate the skill, Feria Shen instantly leaps back while simultaneously firing an explosive round, creating a massive blast that deals significant damage to nearby enemies. The blast also has the added benefit of blocking all incoming enemy weapon attacks, making it a lifesaver in a tight spot.

It’s no wonder that Feria Shen’s Gunplay has emerged as the most preferred skill among gamers. Its ability to provide defensive cover while simultaneously dealing damage is a game-changer, and it’s no surprise that players worldwide have embraced it with open arms.

Feria Shen Souljades

Feria Shen’s Souljades are essential items that significantly impact the gameplay experience. Each special SoulJade has a unique effect that can cater to different playstyles, depending on what players can collect in the game.

While it is difficult to recommend a specific SoulJade for Feria Shen, players can obtain them through looting, albeit randomly. It is crucial to equip SoulJades for any weapon used to increase damage and provide special effects.

It’s essential to note that players must equip SoulJades that support the weapon they’re currently using. For instance, if players prefer using a katana, they should equip a katana SoulJade to increase charge attack, damage, and more.

However, if players are using a katana and have other weapon SoulJades that they’re not planning to use, they should consider dropping them for their teammates or swapping them for other stats or range SoulJades. It’s crucial to find weapon SoulJades that players can use effectively, as they can significantly aid in combat against enemies.

Top Ultimate abilities for Feria Shen in Solo and Trio modes

Feria Shen comes equipped with two different Ultimate abilities: Mech Mayhem and Mech Mayhem Restore. Unlocking Mech Mayhem Restore requires players to reach Cultivation stage reward 2, which can be quite a challenge.

In Solo mode, the best Ultimate ability for Feria Shen is Mech Mayhem Restore. This ability summons the powerful Bronze Mech, which boasts its energy and health bars.

When under attack, the Bronze Mech will take the hit, reducing its health. Players can then shoot at the enemy to defend themselves or sacrifice the Bronze Mech to restore their armor.

When it comes to Trio mode, Mech Mayhem is the ultimate choice for Feria Shen. Similar to Mech Mayhem Restore, this ability summons the Bronze Mech, which players can use to shoot down enemies and build up the Mech’s energy. Once enough energy is accumulated, players can activate the cannon mode, which knocks back nearby enemies. During this mode, Feria Shen is protected by the Bronze Mech, ensuring her safety while she takes down her foes.

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