Minecraft Legends: Is it Canon?

Minecraft Legends - Is it Canon?

The short answer is that Minecraft Legends is not Canon.

Many avid Minecraft players are excited about the release of Minecraft Legends, a new game that explores new aspects of the Minecraft universe while retaining the familiar feeling that we all know and love.

However, one question that has been on the minds of many fans is whether Minecraft Legends is canon or not.

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Minecraft Legends = not Canon

To begin with, it is crucial to mention that Minecraft Legends is not regarded as canon in the Minecraft universe. Rather, it is a retelling of a fable that has been transmitted through generations in the Minecraft villages, comparable to the folklore stories that we grow up hearing.

The story in the game happens in a Minecraft world and is similar to other Minecraft games.

Another point to consider is that Minecraft Legends takes place in a different dimension from the main Minecraft storyline. While the main game focuses on the Overworld, Nether, and End dimensions, Minecraft Legends introduces a new dimension called the Lost Lands. This separation from the main story further blurs the line between what is considered canon in Minecraft.

Gameplay Mechanics

The title of the game, “Minecraft Legends,” hints that the events depicted in the game may be more of a legend or a myth. The game’s campaign narrates a fable that has been transmitted through generations in the Minecraft villages. This implies that the characters and events portrayed in Minecraft Legends may be a work of fiction overall.

Minecraft Legends stands out from the original game’s sandbox survival mechanics with just the way that the game plays. This new genre has brought about a distinct set of gameplay mechanics, story elements, and characters that may not correspond with the conventional gameplay and lore of the main Minecraft game.


In conclusion, while Minecraft Legends may not be considered canon in the Minecraft universe, it still provides an exciting new adventure for players to enjoy. It’s a retelling of a Minecraft legend set within a unique dimension and featuring new gameplay mechanics and characters designed specifically for an RTS game. Whether you consider it canon or not, Minecraft Legends is certainly legendary within the Minecraft universe.

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