Minecraft Cobblemon: Full Commands List (2023)

Test out the Cobblemon Commands in Minecraft with our full list below.
Minecraft Cobblemon - All Commands

If you’re a Minecraft player and a fan of Pokemon, then the Cobblemon Mod is the perfect addition to your gaming experience. This mod adds a new layer of excitement by bringing Pokemon to the Minecraft world. With the Cobblemon Mod installed, players can enjoy spawning Pokemon Mobs in their world and even engage in multiplayer battles and trading. In this guide, we’ll take a look at all the Cobblemon Commands you can use to enhance your gameplay.

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What is the Cobblemon Mod in Minecraft?

Before we dive into the commands, let’s quickly review what the Cobblemon Mod is all about. This mod brings the Pokemon experience to Minecraft, allowing players to capture, train, and battle their favorite Pokemon. With over 200 unique Pokemon to discover, the mod is designed to provide endless hours of entertainment for Minecraft players.

List of Cobblemon Mod Commands for Minecraft

Here are some of the commands you can use with the Cobblemon Mod:

/spawnpokemonatChoose any location and spawn a Pokemon.
/[pokemon name] XThis Minecraft Cobblemon Command has a set of specific actions. Type in any Pokemon name and choose from the list of commands to execute an action.
/pokegiveYour character is given a new Pokemon.
/pokegiveotherGive Pokemon to any other player.
/pokeeditModify the personality of your Pokemon.
/pokeeditotherModify the personality of another player’s Pokemon.
/spawnpokemonSummon any Pokemon you want.
/spawnallpokemonSpawn all the Pokemon at one location.
/pokehealRestore a Pokemon’s health.

As you have downloaded the Cobblemon Extras Mod in Minecraft, you will be able to utilize the following commands:

/pokeseeotherView the stats of the other player’s party.
/battleEnter into Minecraft PvP battles with other players.
/poketradeExchange Pokemon with any player in the server.
/pokebattleBegin a Pokemon battle in Minecraft.
/pcOpen a UI for the player to use at any location in the game.
/pokeshout (slot)Broadcast the selected Pokemon’s statistics in chat.
/pokeseeDisplay the stats of all the Pokemon in the player’s party.
/pokeshuffleShuffle the player’s party randomly.

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