Funko Fusion Game Announced: Combines Jurassic World, Back to the Future

The former Lego devs team up for an all-new multiplayer mashup experience
Funko Fusion Game Announced Combines Jurassic World, Back to the Future

Funko Fusion Trailer Released

A captivating trailer for the upcoming game, Funko Fusion, has been unveiled, showcasing a multiplayer mashup that brings together characters from various popular Universal franchises, including Jurassic World, Back to the Future, The Thing, and Masters of the Universe.

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First Game by 10:10 Games

This ambitious project is the first game developed by 10:10 Games, a studio founded in 2021 by former members of the Lego series developer, TT Games. To get a glimpse of the action, watch the trailer below.

Dozens of Playable Characters in Funko Pop Style

Funko Fusion offers “dozens” of playable characters, inspired by NBC Universal stories and franchises, and presented in the iconic Funko Pop form. Each character possesses a unique set of special abilities and personality, according to a press release from Funko. Furthermore, the game supports online multiplayer, allowing up to four players to collaborate in solving puzzles and engaging in battles. Funko Fusion is slated for release on PC and consoles in 2024.

Potential Live-Service Model for Funko Fusion

Dolly Ahluwalia, Funko’s CEO, stated in a news release that Funko Fusion will have its “initial release” in early 2024. This choice of words implies that the game might adopt a live-service model, with further updates and expansions to follow after the launch.

Controversial Leadership at 10:10 Games

10:10 Games was established in 2021 and is led by Jon Burton, the former TT Games boss accused of mistreating employees. According to a Polygon report, six former employees claimed that Burton “would often yell at staff to return to their desks if they tried to leave work on time.” Burton departed from TT Games in 2019.

Funko’s First Foray into Video Games

While Funko remains a hugely popular brand, Funko Fusion marks its first venture into creating a video game that features characters from the franchises it produces toys for. Considering the vast range of brands Funko collaborates with – from the Boston Bruins to Overwatch and even Dolly Parton – it might seem like a licensing nightmare to include so many different characters in a single game. However, Funko Fusion mainly focuses on NBCUniversal brands, at least for the time being.

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