Bargain Bin Delights: The Best On A Budget

Bargain Bin Delights: The Best On A Budget

Lets face it, video games can be a expensive hobby. All them new games cost money, often leaving people a bit light in the wallet department. For those feeling the pinch, but still looking to play top quality games, the bargain bin is a useful resource. The following games all cost under £15 from almost every store that sells video games. All of the listed titles are top quality experiences at a low low price.

Enslaved: Odyssey to the West (360/PS3)

A game which boasts fantastic visuals, solid gameplay and top notch voice acting. Add to the mix a outstanding job on the animation front and this results in a brilliant video game experience.

The story is solid and complimented by the believable voice acting and character chemistry. Enslaved sparkles in every department, it’s a shame the game didn’t achieve the sales figures or popularity it deserved. It may linger in the bargain bins, but rest assure that Enslaved is nothing short of excellence in terms of presentation and execution, rivaled only by Uncharted (and more recently Tomb Raider)when it comes to cinematic set pieces.

Vanquish (360/PS3)

Platinum Game’s intense over the top action title Vanquish is worthy of anyone’s shelf space. The mix of intense fast paced action, and satisfying ability to slide into cover while oozing with finesse, is what makes Vanquish such an appealing game. The story may be forgettable but the action and fluent gameplay more than makes up for it. The adrenaline will be pumping and the good times will be rolling as you zoom around the map donning huge guns and taking on massive enemies. It’s the one of the purest forms of video game escapism to hit this generation.

Lost Odyssey (360)

Mistwalker’s Lost Odyssey filled the JRPG shaped void in the 360’s games library. The high production values and epic story instantly hooked JRPG veterans, while ushering in new comers to the genre. The combat system was accessible and interesting, as too were the deeper game mechanics. The cast of characters (for the most part) where appealing and didn’t grate like other JRPG’s, the story was also a highlight with plenty of lore on offer which added the stories depth and sense of importance. Hours upon hours of gameplay is on offer, and players who wish to invest into the advanced game mechanics will no doubt be attracted to learning the ins and out of the game. Lost Odyssey is a top notch title that is more than suitable replacement for any disappointed Final Fantasy 13 fans out there.

One of the longest titles you could get in Bargain Bin Games.

The Club (360/PS3/PC)

Bringing a familiar arcade experience back to the current generation system, The Club was a no holds bar frolic into point scoring and leader board climbing. Forget plot, forget overly cinematic set pieces, forget gimmicks and prepare for old school action. Sega’s attempt to bring back the days of arcade was valiant and respectable, The Club was immensely fun. Some people may detest the lack of polish and fancy game mechanics, but there is certainly an audience out there that will eat up the fun that is on offer.

Saints Row 2 (360/PS3/PC)
A world full of utterly crazy missions, and even crazier side missions, Saints Row 2 is pure madness. The world is massive and is jam packed with various fun activities such as spraying poo all over a neighbourhood homes and taking part in a spoof of reality Cop TV shows. The main mission line offers plenty of variety and never becomes repetitive, add to that the humour on offer and Saints Row 2 offers all the mindless fun that Grand Theft Auto shunned. The whole game world can also be played in co-op which adds a whole extra layer of fun. It’s truly a triumph in cooperative play. With days of content to get through and plenty to draw you back into the game Saints Raw 2 is well worth picking up.

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