Three Alternatives To Aliens: Colonial Marines

Three Alternatives To Aliens: Colonial Marines
Three Alternatives To Aliens: Colonial Marines

With Aliens: Colonial Marines being a utter disappointment, a lot of people are looking for something to fill the void. Something to fill that intense atmosphere steeped in tension. People are wanting to feel vulnerable and easily killed. Others wish to play as the ones doing the killing. These are a few alternatives to Aliens: Colonial Marines that will certainly fill the void.

Alien Vs Predator:

While any of the AvP games (bar extinction) will supply what people are looking for we’ll be focusing on the 2009 entry. While it isn’t the best game of the series (that honour belonging to AvP2) it is a good example of to at least capture the Aliens/Predator universe within the current generation of systems. All three storyline have their high points, along with some less enjoyable sections, and provide a solid experience.

The Xenomorphs are handled much more effectively than they are in Colonial Marines, the mixture of stealth and brutality is nicely captured. The Xenos come off as genuine menace as they flash into existence only to fade into the shadows. The multiplayer is much more well rounded compared to Colonial Marines offering. Levels are well designed, the combat (for all three races) is fluid and effective, but most of all its fun. Everything Colonial Marines failed to provide in its multiplayer proportion Aliens Vs Predator pulled off nicely.

Natural Selection 1 & 2:

The classic mod is some of the most fun you can have in a multiplayer game. Marines Vs Aliens set across a number of official maps, as well as user created ones. At it’s core it’s a game all about team work and micromanagement. The combat mode offers a much more accessible path into the flow of Natural Selections gameplay. Players build up their marine or alien by killing enemies, assisting team mates or carrying out objectives. The marines have a number of upgrades available to them such as armor and damage upgrades as well as weapons and tools such a jet packs.

Alien players can evolve themselves to upgrade hit points and damage as well as unlocking new abilities. The aliens can also evolve into more powerful specimens. Where Natural Selection excels is its commander game mode. This mode combines first person shooter gameplay with a touch of real time strategy. Each team has a commander whose job it is to dish out commands and purchase upgrades. Team work is essential and when played right the game is thrilling. Marines are easy to kill when alone, leading to a massive sense of vulnerability, staying in squads is a requirement. Top class fun, and the best example of aliens versus marines style gameplay on the modern market.

Alien: Infestation

This Nintendo DS title went under the radar for most. It’s slightly connected to Colonial Marines as it offers a twist on the story told within the failed Gearbox title. At it’s core Alien: Infestation is a sidescrolling 16-bit shooter that has a distinctive Metroid feel.

It’s a well crafted experience that has plenty to offer those looking for a enjoyable game based within the Aliens universe. Infestation offers a surprising amount of challenge thanks to its squad based mechanics. Player had a team of marines at their disposal. If a squad member died they would not return, if players lost all of their marines then it was time to start over. It’s a mechanic that made people fall in love with 2012′s Xcom, and it’s a reason to at least check out Alien: Infestation.

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