Five Video Game Franchises We’d Like to See Return

Five Video Game Franchises We’d Like to See Return

As more and more franchises make their return to modern consoles we have decided to reflect on a few franchises we would like to see return, the listed games are not the only game we want to see return bare are certainly ones we would love to see come back and greet modern gamers. Be it HD updates, remakes or a simple re-release on Xbox Live Arcade or PSN, all of the games on this list would be worthy of anyone’s attention.

Eternal Darkness

Considered as a classic in the horror genre Eternal Darkness tried to scare players using unique methods that broke the fourth wall. The sanity meter played a large part in scaring players silly, as the meter increased players would be subjected to sounds of footsteps, women and children screaming, doors slamming and other similar sound effects. The more cunning effects came in the shape of volume being lowered which was accompanied by fake television volume indicator, fake memory card corruption was also a trump card that Eternal Darkness played to mess with the players head.

The combat shunned what was known as ‘the turret movement’ that was present in titles such as Resident Evil and Silent Hill and instead used a lock on system which was more effective and easier to use but still managed to maintain a sense of panic when coming into contact with enemies. The story was an odd mix of tales of family secrets and jaunts through history to events that all connect in one way or another. A fantastic game that never truly got the appreciation it deserved, with current generation technology a sequel or even a remake could potentially hold the key to a re-surge in the much lacking horror genre.

Killer Instinct

With fighting games being popular once again and the return of classic franchises such as Mortal Kombat we have one question ‘Where’s Killer instinct?’. The combo packed franchise was a utter joy to play back in the day and was the perfect mix of accessibility and rewarding players who invested time into the game. The game was unashamedly over the top which added to the overall charm. While some may disregard Killer Instinct as nothing but a button masher is undeniable the franchise was always a blast to play and a return from the franchise (be it new current gen title or a XBLA/PSN re-release) would be very much welcome.

Planescape: Torment

The classic RPG that bucked the trend of the genre back in the day. The game didn’t focus on gaining items or taking out enemies and questing for the sake of it, the focus was characterization and conversation with the NPC’s in the vast world players found themselves in. The world was steeped in a great sense of detail and depth that stretched from the games story to the interaction with the surrounding world. Although the game would require huge ambition and time to develop it would be fantastic to see the franchise return the current generation systems.


With awesome side scrolling action and solid gameplay that came off with a sense of finesse Strider was indeed a top title. The game’s followed trial-and-error styled challenge with a mix of intense and responsive combat. The Mega Drive version of the game was a visual triumph and was instantly held dear by the hearts of many gamers. With a trend of old classics hitting Xbox Live Arcade/ PSN its quite odd that Strider has not been picked up for a re-release or even a full retail reboot. Ryu Hayabusa needs a ninja rival and Strider Hiryu is the perfect choice.

System Shock

While for business reasons this may never happen it doesn’t stop us from dreaming a return to the sci-fi shooter steeped in horror. The shooting was solid and the RPG elements were fantastic and added a huge level of depth to the overall experience. The plot’s for both games were nothing short of brilliant and featured one of the most memorable and interesting enemies in video game history we are of course talking about SHODAN.

The games carried a strange atmosphere that combined isolation, unrest and paranoia as the plot took twists and turns leaving the player embedded in an epic experience. With modern technology the return of System shock could light the gaming world on fire and prove that first person shooters can still be clever and carry a quality plot.

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