League of Legends Store Update: Zed Arrives!

League of Legends Store Update Zed Arrives!

This weeks League of Legends store update sees a Master of Shadows hit the store along with a few new fancy skins for old favorites.

The biggest addition to the store is of course the new champion Zed, the Master of Shadows. More details on the new champion can be found here, Riot have also released a video detailing their new champion. Zed is available for the price of 975 Riot points or 6300 Influence points. A bundle is available which offers Zed and his ‘Shockblade Zed’ skin for the price of 1462 Riot points.

Lulu and Darius have both been given a new skin to unlock. Dragon Trainer Lulu will cost 1350 Riot points while Bioforge Darius is only 975 Riot points.

Talking of Skins this weeks ‘Skin Sale’ sees Blood Knight Hecarim, Infiltrator Irelia and Sandscourge Skrner all reduced to 487 Riot points.

The champion sale includes Fiora, Ahri and Gargas all attached to the price tag of 487 Riot points.

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