Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Footage And Screenshots (Update Overview)

Minecraft 1.8 Adventure Update Footage And Screenshots (Update Overview)

Having seen the following video (and linked to it in my last post) I thought it had far too much info in it to just pass off.

Here is my overview of all the ‘leaks’ in the video;

Possible new menu background?

‘New World’ options – Survival & Creative mode are available, no ‘Adventure’ mode shown here

Addition of a ‘More World Options…’ button, could be the new world generation coding notch has been working on lately? who knows)

  • Creative mode includes and option to fly when ‘Jump’ is double clicked (un-clear how to travel up and down at this stage?)
  • You can set game mode per player! Notch: ’so you can set it per player in multi-player, having your mods as creative mode’

Inventory in Creative mode shows all items in the game. (possibly some new items also? vines?)

New foods? WATERMELONS? lol

NPC villages seem to be present in both survival and creative mode (No NPC’s shown in the video *SadFace*)

The terrain generator has been updated to include ravines…

… and rivers!

Biomes are more distinct and much larger

Hunger Bar, Experience bar (as long as your hunger bar is full your health with restore over time)

Combat experience is gained by killing mobs (chickens now seem to drop a chicken not an egg now?)

Experience orbs flash from yellow to green

When picked up they fill the bar at the bottom

Experience points cannot currently be spent on anything (3 skill points for killing a chicken) but they are working on a ‘fun system of doing that’

New draw powerup’ animation for the bow (It also seems you can strafe a little while the bow is drawn back?)

The distance the arrow travels is dependent on the time you hold down

You gain ‘critical hits’ from using the bow or jumping and hitting a mob on the way down. (sparkly animation – probably not final effect)

Cows may now drop meat (looks like pork so may not be real?)

  • You can SPRINT by double tapping (currently is time-limited but they plan to have infinite sprint but it will drain food)

Spiriting and hitting an animal or mob will knock it back ‘really far’

Notch suggests it is a good tactic to use on spiders & creepers

  • New lighting engine, day and night transitions are faster and much smoother

Night is brighter by default (this should help with my videos) New Plains biome, rolling hills and long grass.

Brightness Slider (very handy for YouTube commentators)

Much improved (more realistic) torch light effect

Updated Creeper explosion animation (big white cloud then to crescent mood shapes)

Endermen (peaceful until you look directly at them, place cursor on them)

If you do place your cursor on them they ‘kinda freak out and start looking at you’ If you look away after that point they will start attacking you

p.s. they teleport to you so you cannot run away

Although they do seem they die in water? (see this video) Endermen have also been added to the MinecraftWiki and it is rumoured they drop diamonds on death. This is unconfirmed though

  • The main focus of the update is to reward exploration and combat
  • Other NPC areas include abandoned mines and strongholds (both infested with monsters) See video here
  • Oceans are also very large now See video here

Do zombies now drop some sort of meat? x2 maybe

New eating animation (lasts around two seconds) It would be interesting to see this from another players perspective, I wonder if Steve’s mouth moves? (omnomnomnomnom)

…what are we actually holding here? Chicken?

The score on death still displays &e0 (does this mean something in code?)

The 1.8 update is going to be split in to parts as it is getting too large (states notch), The first part should be released within a few weeks then they will finish up the rest and release it as 1.9

I hope you have enjoyed and benefited from this update, I know I have, I loved going through the video in this much detail. I may have to do this more often..

Catch you next week for more Minecraft news.

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