Five Games That Will Keep You on The Edge of Your Seat

Five Games That Will Keep You on The Edge of Your Seat

here’s no better feeling in gaming than when you’re so absorbed in a game you just have to physically get closer to the screen. It’s an impulse for when business begins to pick up.

Whether it’s the final lap of a race, the last remaining team member, a dark corridor or even a competitive game; nothing around you matters, you’re that absorbed.

I’ve compiled a list of games, from my personal experience that have nearly pushed my ass over the edge of the seat.

Five Games That Will Keep Your Ass At The Edge of Your Seat

FEAR (PC) – 2005

Most people’s first thought when the words “horror game” are mentioned. FEAR single handedly elevated the entire genre back in 2005 – through eerie settings, perfectly pitched audio and the feeling of dread that makes your stomach turn.

From the moment you begin, to long after the credits have rolled, you will be on the very edge of your seat, either from fright, anxiousness, or deadly shoot-outs with intelligent AI.

Alma – throughout FEAR, she was the face of the darkness. Your atmospheric and intense path always comes in to contact with Alma. Just the thought of a creepy, demonic young girl stalking you is enough to touch a nerve.

Amnesia: Dark Descent (PC) – 2010

It’s hard to believe that a title made by a small indie team with little budget, has been critically acclaimed as the scariest game in all of video games. I won’t deny it, I was one of the people who upon hearing about the game didn’t think it would live up to the claims people we’re making… I was wrong.

The thing that makes Amnesia special, is the fact it’s a horror title with no violence or force what so ever. Imagine a horror game with power equalling FEAR, but without the power to fight back against the paranormal forces. This, I feel is Amnesia’s greatest strength, as you feel truly defenceless and vulnerable. Which feeds directly into the edge-of-your-seat horror moments.

As you try and escape your confinements, your survival against the paranormal is your sanity metre – as you experience traumatic things, or stay in the darkness too long, you’re begin to slip into insanity – which is game over.


Heavy Rain (PS3) – 2010

It’s not only horror titles which have the power to make your ass creep forward, though. Heavy Rain is a good example of that.

Heavy Rain is a game based on fast decision making, where every action has an equal and opposite reaction. This is made even more intense when the game doesn’t present you with a game-over screen – it will simply kill off the character due to your poor decision making.

As you grow close to the characters in Heavy Rain and relationships build – it’s a dreadful feeling knowing at any moment if you miss a quick-action sequence or miss an important clue, your character could be extinguished – or even worse, the Origami Killer will get away – meaning the past 10 hours of game-play could redundant. Does this keep you on the edge of your seat? Certainly.

Resident Evil 4 (GC) – 2005

There’s just something about infected village folk with bags on their head darting towards you wielding a huge revving chainsaw, that requires you to sit with your ass almost hanging over the edge of the seat. If anybody tells you that didn’t startle them and make them lean closer to the TV, eyes wide open – they’re lying.

Starcraft II (PC) – 2010

If you’ve ever played Starcraft before, you will immediately know what I mean. But for those who haven’t, I’ll try and explain.

The nature of Starcraft is very intense, as most RTS titles are. At the end of an intense 30 minute match on Starcraft, you’ll feel somewhat exhausted. This is because the focus power that is required to become a good player in this game. People take this game seriously. It’s the child of e-sports at the moment – and is the unofficial sport of Korea.

Muscles tensed up, over 300 actions per minute, suspense, multi-tasking, edge of your seat,you’re in the zone – for a solid 30 minutes. Good Luck, Have Fun.

Future Inductee – Dead Island:

While it’s not strictly fair to induct a game in to this list before it is even released – I think we’ll have to make the exception here. I don’t want this to be classes as part of the “Five Games,” but I felt the need to include it in some way shape or form; because as it stands, if things go as planned for Deep Silver, this is destined to make the cut before 2011 is through.

Dead Island is a game about isolation and desperation as the island Palms Resort gets overrun by zombies. The emphasis throughout is focuses on survival, which instantly makes this the sort of title where you’re on edge – because you never know what blood thirsty zombie could be waiting around each corner.

It was also revealed by Deep Silver that “Players will need to use flashlights in dark areas and during night time sections throughout the game, adding suspense to the game.” This excites me greatly, as it’s a clear sign that it’s focus on mindless (read: pointless) genocide isn’t to that of Left 4 Dead. There’s simply more depth to it in Dead Island.

We here at Gamer Euphoria have our fingers (and toes) crossed for September when Dead Island hits store shelves. It’s one of our most anticipated games of this year. As it ticks all the boxes a co-op loving zombie aficionado demands.

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