Minecraft Update #2 15-07-2011

Minecraft Update #2 15-07-2011

OH MY GOODNESS! Notch has releases so much exclusive info on Google+ It seems he has managed to get it working again!

Sorry DoneyKebab here, I got a little excited above, you will understand when you read on :D

First things first!


Notch posted some more pictures of ravines and strongholds (this also shows off the different brightness settings)



Notch also announced that a playable version of the Adventure Update (1.8) will be on show at PAX

Yes, this is a marketing thing. ;) But also, we’re doing some pretty bold changes to the game, and knowing we have the time to just play around with features we might now want to release is pretty liberating. Combat in 1.8, for example, is already way more fun than in 1.7, but it need further tweaking.

This is super exciting as I expect some videos and pictures will come out of it!

Notch also broke his MacBook today  No Minecraft coding this weekend.. 


Notch has been talking about Bow achivements a little on Twitter this week.

With the new bow shooting code, I’m getting an urge to add an achievement for shooting the moon. I keep trying to.

I did add an achievement for killing a skeleton with an arrow at 50 meters. Not easy.

Daniel has also been tweeting about Minecraft pocket edition, he attempted a live stream but he managed to overloaded the site with his followers.

Carl tweeted letting us know they have signed an agreement bringing Minecraft to schools, very cool. Kids do love Minecraft!

The Twitter Screen

The guys in the Mojang office now have a Minecraft twitter screen, any tme you mention Minecraft in a tweet it will show there.. Lets hope Notch is watching then I tweet the link to this article!

Notch’s Adventure Tweet

The Twitter Screen

And Finally…

Carl has been tweeting lots of pictures of the Mojang offices, I have done my best to add them all here but there were quite a few. See his Yfrog profile for more.

p.s. here is the crew including Deadmau5 at the party the night before Beta 1.7 was released (an old gem for you!)

The Mojang Team

Thanks for reading, please check back next week

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