Decay: Part 2 Review (Xbox 360)

Decay Part 2 Review (Xbox 360)

Decay part 1 was a grim and creepy Indie game that managed to pull off a sense of mystery and hopelessness via the games setting. The predecessor ended on a cliff hanger, which effortlessly pilots us into ‘Part 2′ – but the question remains – does Decay ‘Part 2′ manage to uphold its tense, mysterious narrative?

Decay ‘Part 2′ picks up from the end of ‘Part 1,’ in-which the player finds themselves in the lobby of a gritty block of flats. The odd colour scheme returns, giving the sense of a almost dream like state; as ever, the environments are eerily empty of any living creature giving the familiar sense of isolation delivered in ‘Part 1.’ The sense of mystery, confusion and hopelessness was a strong theme in Decay ‘Part 1′ – thankfully, ‘Part 2′ continues to use this theme to great effect. The visuals are a blend of realistic environments and objects glazed with strong colours which reinforce the dream like feeling within the world of Decay.

The only atmospheric change within the game is the emphasis on ‘jump scares’ this time around, instead of using over bearing sense of dread that was found in the first part during the family portrait and noughts and crosses room. Instead Part 2 uses sudden shadow movements combined with sudden appearances from the strange and awfully creepy doll that seems to stalk the protagonist throughout the first and second game.

The atmosphere and feelings conjured up by Decay is amplified by the creepy soundtrack which manages to carry a dead beat sound that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Mix all that together and Decay Part 2 has all the dark charms of its predecessor.

Part 1 left a lot of things unanswered; Part 2 is about bringing everything full-circle.

The core gameplay is still the same as Part 1, after all if it isn’t broke then don’t fix it, players are tasked with wondering the creepy environments looking for clues and items to progress in a typical point and click manner, unlike Part 1 the puzzles this time around feel a bit more interactive yet remain wonderfully simple yet enjoyable to solve. The puzzles in Part 2 tend to be more ranged with an interesting puzzle involving a music box and small piano like object allow for a more creative experience than Decay Part 1.

Decay Part 1 asked the questions and set a plot outline and Decay Part 2 begins to answer some of the question asked while effortless asking new ones without ever risking becoming overly complex, the story is by no means any clearer but the cast of characters begins to take shape but this only increase the mystery vibes of the story and makes it all the more interesting to follow.

Decay Part 2 is by no means a long game, but it does feel more developed and fleshed out than ‘Part 1′ did. With the atmosphere experienced in Part 1 still intact and the puzzles undergoing a much needed evolution. Shining Gate has a great skill for creating creepy and interesting settings while carrying off and mysterious and engaging story. Decay ‘Part 2′ comes as an enjoyable yet creepy gaming experience which deserves the attention of any true gamer.

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