E3 2010: New Metal Gear Solid Announcement Coming This E3?

E3 2010 New Metal Gear Solid Announcement Coming This E3

It appears that there will indeed be a new Metal Gear announcement this E3, in a matter of three days, in fact.

Reasoning for this prediction? Kojima’s website, which can be accessed here. The site itself doesn’t seem to give away any obvious hints. The page appears to be displaying a montage of video clippings showing various incision devices at work, cutting away. In the top left corner, you’ll notice a small counter that at the time of writing reads ‘03 days remaining.’

So how does this tell us anything?

Well, if you view the Page Source (in IE, this can be done quite easily. When you’re on the page, click on the page tab in the top right of your browser, then click on View Source), this is what it lists out as the keywords:

<meta name=”description” content=”KOJIMA PRODUCTIONS E3 2010 SPECIAL SITE” />
<meta name=”keywords” content=”KONAMI,Hideo Kojima,METAL GEAR,KOJIMA PRODUCTION,E3,2010″ />

Anyway, what can this mean? It’s particularly interesting that the keyword is Metal Gear, and not Metal Gear Solid. As we were told the Metal Gear Solid series would end at four with ’snakes final mission’ – could it mean a remake of old MCX Metal Gear games? Are we talking about a return to Nintendo consoles? Are we talking about an all new Metal Gear series? Or is this quite possibly a hint at Metal Gear Solid Rising, which is slated to get a spotlight this E3?

Though last time I checked Rising was official slated as ‘ Metal Gear Solid: Rising’ – meaning to justify this theory they would have to drop the ‘Solid’ tag. Or just lazy meta tag construction.

What do you reading make of this? Any ideas?

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