Fable III PC Version and Cross Platform Online?

Fable III PC Version and Cross Platform Online

ames recruitment site, GamesRecruit, may have leaked some vital information about the upcoming and rather secretive Fable III.

An article on the website says that “The role involves converting and maintaining the network code of the Xbox 360 version of Fable III to the PC, and enabling the Xbox 360 version and PC version to play together.”
The post then goes on to add that successful applicants will be required to…

“Take an existing console codebase and make it run well on a PC.
– Help architect and design any PC-specific features.
– Convert the existing networking system over to Windows based libraries.
– Work with the PC and 360 codebase to ensure the PC and the Xbox 360 builds can interoperate.”

The article was also posted on developer Lionhead’s website although that contained much less information for obvious reasons – mainly that this is supposed to be a secret until it’s officially announced and confirmed.

Remember that this may have been a mistake, this could be complete rubbish and not true in the slightest bit… That said, we could be seeing Fable III on PC complete with cross-platform online gameplay.

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